Your mind, body & spirit.

As a  Holistic Health practitioner, I rely on the use of different approaches to best meet your needs.   I believe that all imbalance is an energetic expression of our mind, body and or spirit.  By allowing the energy to move, blocks, restrictions, accumulations and deficiencies can be addressed, thereby allowing for vitality and happiness. This is my goal in your healing journey.  

Homeopathy is  highly effective  in resolving mental, emotional and physical issues that may be acute or chronic.  This medical approach is applicable to all ages and individuals and is safe.  It involves an in-depth consultation which considers the person's overall state, including diet, lifestyle and environment.  Based on the central disturbance and the homeopath's observations, a remedy is prescribed to stimulate a positive response.

Osteopathy is one of the most effective manual approaches to health.  It is actually, the basis from which other modalities like chiropractic and massage have sprung. Osteopathy, like homeopathy takes a holistic view of health and focuses on imbalance that is expressed through out the body.  Restrictions are addressed through various techniques such as, muscle energy, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, fascia therapy, cranial sacral therapy.   It is a hands on therapy,  where by techniques are gently applied to areas of concern on the body, in order to release blockages and address imbalance.  Osteopathic treatments are successful in giving space for greater mobility, range of motion, flexibility, grounded-ness,  improved health and vitality and mental/emotional state .  They are helpful in helping to address  many health issues like back pain, tension headaches, anxiety,  trauma aswell as organ imbalances and even infertility. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is used to assist clients in identifying behaviours that support their specific mental health conditions.  CBT is an evidence-based system that has been impactful for addressing mental health issues, in particular, anxiety and depression.  It is currently been expanded to assist individuals with dementia.  It is a collaborative type of therapy that requires client participation in completing exercises to address the intended goal.   It involves exploring and understanding the relationships between our thoughts, feelings and actions and how they may create negative behavioural patterns.  

Reflexology is a therapeutic approach that involves triggering points on the feet to stimulate a healthy response.  It is very helpful in improving circulation, sleep, bowel movements, and to promote overall relaxation and wellness.  

Nutritional Supports How and what we eat greatly impacts our longevity, energy, quality of life and overall health.  Through the process of evaluation, I can support you in providing your body with the nutritional supports it requires to function at its optimal best.  This would include the use of supplements, herbs, tinctures and compounded formulas, such as tissue salts. 

Champimassage  Also referred to as Indian Head Massage, this technique will stimulate the head, shoulders and neck while providing overall relaxation.  Based on Ayurvedic principles, Indian Head Massage is a great way to reduce stress and is especially useful for those sitting in front of computers.  

Upcoming  and Previous Events

March 24th, 2016  and March 31st, 2016 7:00 pm Hooper's Pharmacy  Mental Wellness Seminar, April 20: Post partum Anxiety discusssion at Elevated Health Assoc. June 4th, 2016. Corporate Wellness Fair,  June 30, 2016 . June 30th: East Lynne Farmer's Market; health booth. Mental Illness and Homeopathy July 21, 2016, Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine.   Stress Management Workshop: Oct 14, 2016, Vitality Centre.  Panel discussion on Women's Health: Bone health and women, March 2017 Vitality Centre.  Employee Wellness initiative: Work life Balance, April 2017, Universal Studios . Kobo Corporate Wellness Fair, June 2017