Sherry's passion for the healing arts has been cultivated over the course of 20 plus years.  She brings an innate and unique style of healing, specializing in Homeopathy, Osteopathy,  Cranial Sacral, counselling, nutrition, Reflexology and Champi Massage. 
Her customized, holistic, and caring approach has helped people of all ages.  She is experienced in treating both acute and chronic conditions. Her areas of specialty include digestive, hormonal issues, skeletal system, nervous system, pre/post natal, and mental health issues.  As much as she is effective in addressing disorders,  she also helps many clients attain a wellness lifestyle or goal. This may be related to disease prevention,  relaxation, joy, energy, or overall improvements to your quality of well-being.  
She is passionate about holistic  health and wellness. As an experienced counsellor, and educator, she works with adults, children, and youth to guide them in transforming their energies into purposeful action.  As stated by one of her clients:   " In applying a practical, and creative approach to her practice, Sherry mobilizes positive change that is meaningful. " 
Sherry is available for speaking engagements on a variety of topics that focus on wellness and health, in addition to customizing workshops to meet specific group needs.  She is an active community member, providing wellness programs and seminars that raise awareness, motivate groups, and enhance work life balance and quality of life. 

To reach Sherry by  email:  or by phone:  647-385-5433