Happy New Year!  As we enter the new year, some of us may have set resolutions to attain personal or professional goals.  For me, I hope to strive for more consistency in my workouts and eating habits. Though I am a health advocate, I too was subjected to overconsumption during the holiday season.  The end result of this type of behaviour may be identified in various ways, such as inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s defensive response to foreign substances.  When the body is overtaxed, through consumption of foods, our immune system will kick in to fix the situation.  Our cells, will translate these intruders to be foreign and the body may express itself through swelling, pain, headaches, digestive issues and also flu like symptoms.  Because these cells are strangers to the body, our immune system gets underway to counterattack.  This is the period where we may feel run down, constipated, and may even have coughs and colds. 

This impact can be quickly reversed, the sooner we return to healthier lifestyle habits. Below are quick and easy techniques to get us back into our body and mind. 

1)      Sleep recovery: There is an increase amount of evidence to indicate the importance of sleep. Scientists are discovering that sleep may be just as important as nutrition and physical activity.  Sleep is our body’s way to promote healing by allowing organs and systems to recharge, to detox and to renew.  Certain organs like the liver for example, do their most important work in the early hours of the morning.   The liver’s main function is to detoxify the body.  This is one of our body’s critical functions.

2)      Eating more nutritiously: Increasing greeny leafy vegetable intake for their nutritional benefits.

3)      Hydration: Drinking more water with lemon to alkalinize your body and reduce acidity in our PH levels.

4)      Limiting sugar intake

5)      Mindfulness: Allowing ourselves to be more mindful, even in the act of eating and exercising will reap us benefits, because there is more of us available during that activity.  Being mindful means we pay attention to the choices we make and staying present to those actions and behaviours.

6)      Reduce overall food intake (avoid seconds)

7)      Increase physical activity

If you are still finding yourself out of balance and needing to realign, consider booking an appointment. Treatment choices vary and are customized to meet your needs.  Homeopathy is an effective, natural medical approach that is widely used in many parts of the world.  Homeopathic medicines are diluted doses of substances that help to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms to promote health.  It is  a holistic system that does not have side effects or dependency to medication. 

Manual Osteopathy is a non-invasive, holistic treatment and can be used for symptom prevention, pain management, wellness and health restoration.  Through palpation and other techniques, the body can regain its inner balance and harmony so that it is symptom or pain free.  Both approaches are safe for all ages and help to stimulate the immune system to activate its self correcting, self-regulating mechanisms.

  Treatments are covered by most insurance plans or can be claimed as a medical expense.